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Our Produce

Packham's Triumph


Packham pears have a bumpy green skin which develops a yellow cast when fully ripe. It is a perfumed pear and its flesh is delectably sweet and juicy.

Beurre Bosc


The Bosc's shape is very different to other pears; it has a long tapering neck and lengthy stem with colouring ranging from a deep yellowish-brown to a dark tan. Its skin is brushed with bronze russet and has a succulent flesh which tastes sweetly spicy.

William Bon Chrieten


William Bon Chretien (WBC) have rounded bell bottom with a distinctive shoulder and small stem giving them the ideal “pear figure”. They are an aromatic pear with mildly sweet flavour which can be enjoyed when the pear has a light yellow hue to it.

Taylors Gold

Taylors  Gold.JPG

Taylors gold is a very tender, juicy pear with a cinnamon coloured russet skin. It is delicately scented and its flesh displays a rich, sweet flavour.


Tosca Pear.jpg

Tosca pears are a greenish-yellow pear with the occasional red flush. They are a sweet, smooth and juicy. Tosca are always crisp to bite and a little exotic on the taste buds.

Winter Nellis

Winter Nellis.jpg

Winter Nellis Pears are not very attractive. They are a squat shape and have a dull pale green skin, which turns yellowish when it is ripe, with large amounts of russet. The flavour of a Winter Nelis makes up for its appearance. It is a wonderfully perfumed pear with a sweet, juicy, buttery flesh.

Red Braeburn


Red Braeburn is very similar to Braeburn. It is an aromatic apple with an extremely juicy texture and a sweet-tart taste, but has a much redder colouring than the standard Braeburn apple.

Our Exclusive Champion


The Champion™ apple is highly coloured with a deep red tone. It has a very juicy, crisp texture with a refreshing, slightly tangy taste which it has inherited from the Braeburn.

Royal Gala


Royal Gala is an aromatic fruit with attractive vibrant colouring. It has vibrant red stripes over a creamy yellow skin. It offers a juicy crunch and a sweet flavour. This apple is considered to be the sweetest of all.

Granny Smiths


Granny Smith apples have a vibrant green skin, with white flesh. Their flesh is very juicy and firm with a tart-sweet flavour and a crisp texture.

Cox's Orange

Cox's Orange.jpg

Cox's Orange Pippin is a bright apple striped with red. It is highly regarded due to its excellent flavour. The flavour and texture of the variety changes from a sophisticated acidic, crunchy apple to a softer and mellower eat after storage.

Oratia Beauty 


The Oratia tastes similar to a Cox's Orange Pippin with a sweet-tart flavour. It is a crunchy light green apple with vibrant red streaks.

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