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Our Story

Echodale Orchard is a proudly NZ owned, fifth-generation family business which has been operating in the Nelson region since 1915. We have become a leading distributor of quality apples & pears. 

In it's earlier years, Echodale focused on retailing fruit to the public for over 40 years from a small, but busy shop located on the orchard. Since deregulating, the shop has closed and the business has focused on wholesale distribution 12 months of the year to locations all over New Zealand.

With over 40 Hectares of orchard located in the heart of sunny Nelson,  Echodale is a sight of flourishing beauty throughout the seasons. Our fruit is marketed under the brands Nelson Fresh and Kiwi Crisp and is solely dedicated to the NZ market, supplying Kiwis all around New Zealand with premium quality fruit. We select only the best produce grown in the Nelson region which is renowned for its high sunshine hours and exceptional taste in pip fruit. From the orchard through to storing, packing and delivering to the market, we are dedicated to bringing you the best. To ensure we align with the best practices of production, packing and distribution of NZ produce, we are committed to the NZ GAP Programme.


Our range of fruit is stored in high tech Controlled Atmosphere cool stores which ensures our customers receive quality fruit year-round. In our packing shed, the fruit is packed into a number of sizes, brands and quantities to suit the individual needs of our customers. With many years of experience in the Pip fruit market, we have a strong understanding of the market and we strive to meet its ever-changing expectations.

Our Company Purpose & Vision

Our Vision is to grow and maintain a sustainable business dedicated to providing quality NZ grown fruit to our customers since 1915.

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