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Echodale Orchard

Quality NZ Apples & Pears

Echodale Orchard is a proudly NZ owned, fifth-generation family business which has been operating in the Nelson region since 1915.

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Winter Nellis Pear

Winter Nellis Pears are not very attractive. They are a squat shape and have a dull pale green skin, which turns yellowish when it is ripe, with large amounts of russet. The flavour of a Winter Nelis makes up for its appearance. It is a wonderfully perfumed pear with a sweet, juicy, buttery flesh.

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Our Brands 

With over 40 Hectares of orchard located in the heart of sunny Nelson,  Echodale is a sight of flourishing beauty throughout the seasons. Our fruit is marketed under the brands Nelson Fresh, Champion and Kiwi Crisp and is solely dedicated to the NZ market

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Nelson Fresh 

Our brand Nelson Fresh tells a story about the place where it all began and still continues to grow in the heart of sunny Nelson. 

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Kiwi Crisp 

Champion™ was founded and grown by us in Nelson. The Champion™ is exclusively sold by Echodale Marketing 


Contact Us

150 White Road Hope, Richmond, Nelson

03 5448974

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