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Echodale Orchard is a proudly NZ owned, fifth-generation family business which has been operating in the Nelson region since 1915.


Our Nelson Fresh fruit available now

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Packham's Triumph

Packham pears have a bumpy green skin which develops a yellow cast when fully ripe. It is a perfumed pear and its flesh is delectably sweet and juicy.


The Champion™ apple is highly coloured with a deep red tone. It has a very juicy, crisp texture with a refreshing, slightly tangy taste which it has inherited from the Braeburn.

Winter Nellis

We’re proud to offer our customers wholesome and seasonal Fresh Herbs. Take home a readymade basket or customize your own. There are lots to choose from, and our offerings change depending on the time of year so you’ll always be surprised when you visit us. You should know that everything we sell at our store is grown responsibly and picked in season, so you can fully enjoy nature’s gifts.


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